Updated Software bids - Sat 3/28

Updated Software bids - Sat 3/28

Post by Sky » Mon, 30 Mar 1998 04:00:00

Taking bids on the software for up to two weeks, ending around April
1st.  Email me your bid, and I'll post bids every couple of days or
so.  At the end of the bidding, I will email you if you are a winner.
Shipping is over and above all bids.  When you win a bid, I will
package up your item(s), get exact postage calculated at the post
office, and email you with your final total.  Email bids to me at

Note - some preference will be given to those who want more programs.

*All software is 3.5 ORIGINAL disks unless otherwise specified.*  All
programs worked when last used.  I tried to put all the 5.25 programs
at the bottom of the post for ease of browsing.  :)

Appleworks Tutorial - spiral bound book over 150 pages.
$2 <sf>

Using Appleworks - spiral bound book - over 300 pages.
$2 <sf>

Appleworks GS Reference - spiral bound book - about 275 pages.
$3 <lc>

Sierra Kings Quest IV - 3 disks, manual
$3 <kh>

Talking Tools by First Byte - Voice synthesis for the IIGS - 2 disks
and manual

Shanghai (original) one disk, manual
$3 <kh>

Zany Golf - disk and instruction sheet
$7 <rp>

Epyx World Games - disk and manual
$3 <kh>

Serve and Volley by Accolade - disk and manual
$1 <t>

Kidwriter Golden Edition - disk and manual

Copy II Plus both 3.5 disk and 5.25 disks with all original packaging
(no box, came in envelope) and 150+ page softcover manual.
$10 <sf>

Alien Mind - 2 disks, manual
$3 <kh>

Music Construction Set - disk, plus Classical disk and manual
$15 <js>

Epyx Winter Games - disk and manual
$3 <kh>

Tetris by Spectrum Holobyte - disk and manual
$3 <kh>

Companion Plus for Appleworks 3.0 by Beagle Brothers plus Filemaster.
2 disks and manual.
$1 <kh>

Word Attack by Davidson - plastic binder with manual, disk holder in

Epyx Final * - disk and manual
$3 <kh>

Defender of the Crown - 2 disks and manual
$3 <kh>

Broderbund's The Playroom - two disks and manual - great preschool
$7 <dk> - *

Tower of Myraglen - two disks, manual.
$3 <kh>

Dream Zone by Baudville - two disks, manual.
$3 <kh>

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing - 2 disks, manual

McGee - Lawrence Productions - 2 disks, manual - this is a terrific
first program for toddlers/preschoolers.  
$3 <dk>

Peanuts Picture Puzzlers - disk and instruction sheet - from American

The Treehouse by Broderbund - disk, manual and songbook (two books) -
after the Playroom, graduate to the Treehouse.
$7 <dk> - *

Epyx Street Sports Soccer - disk and manual
$1 <t>

Peanuts Maze Marathon from American School Publishers.  2 disks,

Graphic Writer III from Seven Hills.  Manuals - two spiral bound plus
2 program disks and 2 original clip art disks.
$15 <js>-  *

Stickybear Townbuilder - disk and instruction booklet

Sapce Fox from Seven Hills - three disks and manual
$5 <sf>

Kangaroo from Seven Hills.  Disk and manual
$7 <rp> - *

The Manager - Seven Hills - disk and manual
$12 <LC>  *

Transprog III from Seven Hills - disk and manual
$8 <sf> - *

Font Factory GS from Seven Hills - disk and manual - I also have three
font disks that I _think_ go with this program, altho the labels don't
say for sure.  Anyone know?
$5 - <jc> - *

Express printer spooler manual and upgrade to 2.1 disk only - does not
have program disk!  Seven Hills
$3 <dk>

Independence from Seven Hills - manual and disk
$5 <dk>  *

Thexder - disk and manual from Sierra.
$3 <kh>

4th and Inches by Accolade - 2 disks, instruction booklet
$3 <dk>

Gate from Seven Hills - 2 disks, manual
$7 <LC>

Magic Spells - spelling game from The Learning Company - disk and

Blackjack Academy - disk and booklet

Mad Libs party game (can be used by one or two!) disk and booklet
$2 <ISMDR>

Space Quest from Sierra - 2 disks, manual
$3 <kh>

Warlock - disk and instruction sheet
$3 <kh>

Stars and Planets - darling preschool learning game from Advanced

Dinosaurs - also from Advanced Ideas.  EXCELLENT game, similar to
Stars and Planets, but with a dino theme.  5.25 disk plus backup and

Scruples - two 5.25 disks and manual - a question and answer game.
$1 <t>

The Gambler - 5.25 disk with 4 * games.  No instructions except
on disk.

Jeopardy - 5.25 disk and instruction sheet
$2 <t>

Moonmist - 5.25 disk and manual
$1 <t>

Computist starter kit disk for Computist Magazine - 5.25 disk

Video Vegas - 5.25 disk and booklet

Wheel of Fortune - 5.25 disk and instruction sheet
$2 <t>

QuickLink II Fax software - 2 5.25 disks - no manual or instructions
$3 <js>

Gratis Diskette #1 from Christella Enterprise - 5.25 disk  - have no
idea what is on it.  Instructions on disk.

Family Feud - 5.25 disk and instruction sheet.
$2 <t>

Snack Attack - 5.25 disk and instruction sheet
$3 <kh>

Dig Dug - 5.25 disk and instruction sheet
$3 <kh>

Sesame Street - Big Birds Special Delivery - preschool program.  5.25
disk and manual.  It is original disk, but original label was removed
and a home printed one attached.  

Epyx Movie Monster game - 5.25 disk and manual

Fisher Price Perfect Fit preschool program - 5.25 disk and instruction

Mouse Paint Drawing Program for the Apple II family.  5.25 disk only.
$1 <t>

Delta Drawing Demo version (but is a lot of fun for kids to play with)
- 5.25 disk - no manual.

Baudville's Ted E. Bear's  Rainy Day Games - preschool progarm - 5.25
disk and manual.  Disk is original but original label was removed and
home printed one attached.  

Walt Disney's Matterhorn Screamer - 5.25 disk and instruction sheet.
Original disk, but original label has been removed and home printed
one attached.

Labyrinth (from the movie) by Activision and Jim Hensons studio - 5.25
disk and manual.
$5 <rg>

Fisher Price School Bus Driver  - preschool program - 5.25 disk and
instruction sheet.

Beagle Brothers TimeOut Quickspell - original 5.25 disk plus update
(to 3.0.1) disk and a backup disk.  No manual.

5.25 disks - no original disks - just 28 disks of ??? programs.  Some
working, maybe some not.  Selling as DISKS only.  
$1 <t>

5.25 disks - seven blank, never used disks - Storage Master label.
50cents <t>

Programs marked with a star * have had a bid made on them by LG as a
package deal for $120

Lori Bucevicius