Powerbook 3400 /240/3g

Powerbook 3400 /240/3g

Post by Mrsis » Sun, 25 Oct 1998 04:00:00

OS8.1. 17 months old. Mint condition. All manuals in tact. Very well cared for.
Soft case available. Lots of great software loaded.

$1850 obo


1. Quantum 240 vs. Maxtor 240

Can anybody give me performance figures for these two drives?  I called
APS to order the Quantum, but apparently it is no longer manufactured
and APS sold their stock.  I'm now on the waiting list for the Maxtor,
which I haven't heard anything about.  My concern is that I'd like
to take this drive with me when I get rid of my SE/30 and go to the
PowerPC; will the Maxtor bog down a PowerPC because of low



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