Bids for misc IIGS items - latest update

Bids for misc IIGS items - latest update

Post by Sky » Tue, 03 Feb 1998 04:00:00

I'd like to finish out the bidding on these items by Monday if
possible, so email soon if you are interested!  Anything that isn't
sold will be posted on a new list early next week!  I'll have some
other items to add by then.  

IIGS CPU:  with 4 meg card,  WOZ cpu case
<high bid of $75 for CPU/case/card by KF>

IIGS CPU:  with 1 meg card

SCSI card with 127 meg TMS Shadow hard drive with Prolinx BBS software
installed.  Manuals and disks for software included.
<high bid - $80 for both - mccoy>

1 Juice Box surge protector w/fan to cool CPU and plugs to plug all
components into.

2 apple 3.5 drives
<$12 each by al>

1 apple 5.25 drive
<$12 by al>

supra 2400 external  modem/manual/power cord
<$4 by al>

14.4 external fax modem/manual/power cord
<bid of $20 - tim>

Practical Peripherals 9600 modem/power cord/manual

apple mouse (have two of these)
<$7 by al and $6 by mccoy>

slide on battery - never opened package
<bid of $8 by mccoy>

Make offer on each item.  Will consider any reasonable offer, of
course, that is a matter of my opinion, which may not match yours!
(If your bid is not posted, then I probably didn't think the offer was
high enough for that item.  Feel free to*er with me through
email!) Best offer, of course, gets item!  When offer is accepted, I
will box it up, get mailing costs, and email you with the final total.
When your check clears (faster service would be a money order!) I'll
ship the items to you.

Lori Bucevicius