Morgan Davis/ProLine Query

Morgan Davis/ProLine Query

Post by J. L. Walte » Tue, 14 Feb 1995 09:48:51

Has something dire happened to Morgan Davis?

A friend of mine bought ProLine from a friend of his and
subsequently paid Morgan Davis the fee to move the registration
from that person to himself. As part of the deal my friend was to
receive the latest ProLine which was in beta test and was due
out, "any day now." As you might guess, "Any day now," stretched
on for months and a number of phone calls until one day the
upgrade disks arrived.

For reasons I won't go into here, my friend did not open the
package for about two months. When he did he found that the docs
disk was damaged and so my friend then tried calling the
telephone number listed on the receipt. It has been busy for at
least the last three months now and my friend has called all
hours of the day and night.

After a month or so of the busy number I then took in on myself
to call Pro-Sol and become a member some month(s) prior to
Christmas 1994. I sent mail to the Sysop (who I assume is Morgan)
explaining our problem. To date there has been no answer to my
mail. The last time I logged in is shown below:

"Last successful login for bird: Thu,  9 Feb 95 20:27:13

I did try moments ago (12 Feb 95 18:33:00), and the board hung
after it accepted my password. Things are not improving.

I repeat, "Has something dire happened to Morgan?"

Kind Regards, Joe Walters


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Morgan Davis/ProLine Query

Post by Sean Turn » Thu, 16 Feb 1995 02:52:20

I have been a ProLine SysOp for at least two years, and I never had any
problems contacting him. He is a very courteous man, and has shown me more
cooperation than probably 75% of the Apple][ commercial suporters out
there. Morgan Davis Group ranks up there with Alltech Electronics, Quality
Computers, and Sequental Systems. He is a professional all the way back to
Beagle Bros


Morgan Davis/ProLine Query

Post by David Gre » Fri, 17 Feb 1995 17:43:05

Quote:>I repeat, "Has something dire happened to Morgan?"

Depends on your point of view. Morgan took a job with CTSNet about a year
or so ago. ProLine has been a distant second ever since. The family shrinks
almost daily. :(

Quote:>Kind Regards, Joe Walters

Thanks for asking.



  SysOp of Pro-Harold BBS .. San Diego, CA


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