Info wanted on MicroBuffer MII+ by Practical Peripherals

Info wanted on MicroBuffer MII+ by Practical Peripherals

Post by David E A Wils » Sat, 21 May 1994 16:37:53

I have just been given one of these cards (with no manual) and would like
to know what the various switch settings mean (SW1-1 through SW1-6 & the jumper
marked 123 - I think I can guess what SER/PAR and RST mean). My card has only
two MK4564 chips - can I take it that these are just 4164 64kx1 chips? Thanks.

1. WTD: Practical Peripherals ProClock info

I just came into posession of one of these little beasts.  Unfortunately all I
have is just the card, no software or documentation.  Fortunately though it
appears to be Thunderclock compatible because Prodos recognizes it straight
away.   I've located some images of the Thunderclock disks which i'll have to
move to real 5.25 disks when i get a free moment but what i'd really like is
the software that came with that card.  If anyone has a copy of the disks they
could e-mail me it would be much appreciated.  A copy (photocopy) of the manual
for it would also be nice to have..  At minimum i'd like to know what the
swiches on the card are used for.


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