GeOS in a HDV file

GeOS in a HDV file

Post by Jon Bettenct (formerly Mr.I'mAnOutOfControlLisaSimpsonFann » Tue, 19 Oct 1999 04:00:00

I downloaded GeOS from a ZIP file on Asimov. When I unzipped it it had 8
files, one for each side, each disk. I tried to copy the files to a HDV
hard disk image, but GeOS doesn't seem to want to operate on a disk other
than it's own. I had some problems copying some files from Disk 2 Side 2,
Disk 3 Side 1, Disk 3 Side 2, and Disk 4 Side 1, but that shouldn't have
caused any problems because I did successfully copy Disk 1 Side 1. Are
there any special files I need to have? Do I have to modify something?

Note: I do have GEOLOAD.SYSTEM, but it just acts like BYE.SYSTEM. At
least, that's the way it acts when I access it on the hard drive copy or
from another disk.

Another Note: I also have the ProDOS file on there. Without it it would
say "Unable to load ProDOS," even though there's no ProDOS on the original
disk image.


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