FS wide-carriage impact printer for Apple

FS wide-carriage impact printer for Apple

Post by In N » Sun, 25 Mar 2001 03:39:12

ImageWriter-compatible wide-carriage dot-matrix printer
Seikosha model SP 2415AP

Wide carriage:
Friction feed: cut sheet -- letter, legal, A4, B4, B5
Tractor feed: fanfold paper -- 4.5" to 16" wide

Apple ImageWriter II emulation -- uses the regular Apple ImageWriter
driver, connects directly to Mac printer serial port -- no special adaptor
cable required. Also usable with Apple II systems

BiDirectional logic-seeking printing
Draft and NLQ (Near Letter Quality) print modes
Capable of Bold, Double-width, Superscript, Subscript, Proportional, and
Italic character modes.

Original box & manual

Purchased new for a project; tested, but never put into service

$40+shipping or pick-up in NYC for $30.

Note: please remove "spamless" from my e-mail address when replying.

Also available:
Thermal fax machine with 6 rolls of paper -- Sanyo Sanfax 330
$20 pick up in NYC only


1. Recs. needed for Wide carriage impact printer for Mac

Hi Folks!  My mom's office just got in a bunch
of new Macs (LC475's).  All was just fine until
they noticed that Apple does not make a wide carriage
impact printer.  They require this to print on 4 part
forms (Purchase orders and such).

They have an Epson (not sure of the model but circa 1991)
wide carriage printer intended for the PC and purchased
Power Print which evidently will not work with the
software they use.

Any recommendations on a wide carriage (120 column) printer
that will work with LocalTalk ?

Thanks a bunch

Rich Holowczak
Rutgers University

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