Vulcan DOS 3.3 partitions and DOS 3.3 FST

Vulcan DOS 3.3 partitions and DOS 3.3 FST

Post by Herbert Fu » Thu, 15 Oct 1992 09:54:06

Is there anyway to make the System 6 DOS 3.3 FST recognize a Vulcan
DOS 3.3 partion?

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1. AE Vulcan HD or ///SHH MicroDrive (DOS 3.3 partitions?)

Hi guys!  I'm thinking about buying an internal hard drive for my Apple
Enhanced.  My current choices are:

1) A used Applied Engineering Vulcan hard drive or,
2) ///SHH Systeme MicroDrive IDE card with 2.5" HD mounting kit.

My question is:  Does either hard drive have software to support DOS 3.3
partitions?  If yes, can there be separate ProDOS and DOS 3.3 partitions
the same drive?

Or is there other third party partitioning software that will accomplish
I've heard of ProFix 2.1 (c) Nordic Software, but I don't have much info
this software product.  I'm familiar with DOS3.3.LAUNCHER 2.0 (c) John
but I don't want to convert my DOS 3.3 files to ProDOS.

I have a lot of DOS 3.3 disks that I still use regularly, and I would
the convenience of having all my DOS 3.3 and ProDOS files together on hard

Thanks in advance for any info.


Art Luna

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