Piracy (was Net Piracy)

Piracy (was Net Piracy)

Post by Quant » Tue, 19 Jul 1994 15:51:02

Who was gonna read 24 articles to get to this one.....

Ask yourself how much intrest there is in OLD Apple II software
nowdays.  If you had the license to Raster Blaster, Drol, Wavy Navy,
Ultima I-IV, etc, etc would you bother publishing them and selling them
at commersial prices.  I know I wouldn't.

Now before you jump up and down, scream and shout etc, I'm not saying
that it is right to pirate this old software.  (All you people who have
had ANY pirated software, raise your hands and leave 'em there).  
I'm now expecting absolutely no replies (but it still ain't right is it).

Wake up and smell the grass fella's,  I can't see any software companies
seriously taking on distribution of OUT-OF-DATE software as long as
credit is given where credit is due. (I may be wrong, I'de like to hear
first hand from a software publisher on this)

These are only my personal opinions (of course), and I know that if I had
software that was not selling, I'de gladly give it away, as long as I was
credited for it.

Logic will take you only so far... Insanity will take you all the way...

                                   University of Newcastle, Australia


1. Piracy is Piracy

Rubywand wheezed again:

<<Not exactly.

The established position and practice is that, if the owner
of software rights does not object or is not likely to
object, then, offering the softwarefor free downloading
is a good thing to do.>>

Except that this isn NOT "the established position"
anywhere but here.  You've even obliquely admited months
ago that you and a few others came up with that
rationalization to pirate. If more people took the time
to try and get things reclassified, we might not have
to have these incessant piracy discussions.  C'mon,Ruby--
call up a few copyright holders and get it changed, don't
just post it and forget about it!

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