NEW - Update to GView v0.28 for SecondSight

NEW - Update to GView v0.28 for SecondSight

Post by Carol Moo » Thu, 02 May 1996 04:00:00

Well its been awhile and plenty has changed to GView since. I'll be posting
GView to the binaries, and to the major A2 ftp sites. Anyways heres a quick
run down of whats new in GView.

Whats new in GView (gv v0.28).
- Added PPM support. (type P1)
- Added PGM support. (type P2)
- Added PBM support. (type P3)
- Reduced memory usage on some routines. (its still best to have plenty of
  free memory though)
- Worked out most bugs dealing with 'Dual Monitor Mode', but if there is
  still a situation where it doesn't work, please inform me.
  For single monitor users who turn on this option, you may turn it back
  off with 'Open Apple - M'.

Whats new in GView (gv v0.27).
- Added TIM support. This format is from the Sony Playstation. (PSX)
  Just pop your PSX disc into your CD drive, find a .TIM file, and
  presto... you can view the image. (you can find files on Wipeout or
  from the demo disc)
- Fixed a huge scrolling bug dealing with 15/16 bit mode. (and 8bit to a
  lesser degree)

Whats new in GView (gv v0.26).
- Added Windows and OS/2 BMP format. (8bit and 24bit non-compressed)
  I also fix bmps that come from the Crapintosh. The thimble head who
  wrote Graphic Converter just made a mess with the bmp headers for both
  Windows and OS/2. (resulting in a file that wasn't a true BMP image)
- Added SunRaster format. Hasn't been tested, so I hope it works...
  (my byte swapping may be wrong)
- New options, plus some old ones were finally completed.


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