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CAD/CAM software for
sale:ProEngineer2000,Unigraphics,Solidworks99,Catia V5,
ProMechanica2000. Also Multimedia software: Softimage and Maya.
Visit us:
Phone: 01716917580

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1. FS - Apple ][ Software - Sorry to Keep you Waiting - Software List.txt (0/1)

I missed putting up this list last Tuesday, Things have been very busy around
here - starting with, I now work 3 JOBS!!  <urp!>.  Next weeks list will
probably be a couple of days late. Hopefully, the week after will be back on
A lot of people told me they saw this text about my list, but didn't get the
list itself. Anyone who finds themselves in that situation, please send me an
E-Mail, and I will send you a copy of the list.

New items in the latter part of the list - Xerox, Telarium, Synergistic, Roger
Wagner Pubs, and several more.


Till later!!

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