problem w/downloading apple II images...HELP!!

problem w/downloading apple II images...HELP!!

Post by mar.. » Sat, 21 Oct 1995 04:00:00

I have an apple IIc for which I am trying to download games for, most
notably The Bilestoad and Questron. I've found the site at,
but I only have internet access on a thinkpad 750 running WARP. Is there
any way I can convert these files to 5.25 readable apple diskettes? If I need
to bring my IIc to work and connect it in some way, that's fine. I do not have
an apple 3.5" drive, but I do have an IBM 5.25" at my disposal. It seems like
it would be possible to link the two computers and download to the apple but I
need instructions. Thanks in advance.



1. 211 Apple II 5.25 game disk images now available for downloads

Hi All,
For what it's worth I just notices 211 binary postings of 5.25 Apple II
(self-booting) disks - all containing the very best collection of old A2
classic games, with select menu's for launching them.  They are all in disk
(DSK) emulator image format.  They appear to be a very impressive collection,
should anybody care to go download them.

The newsgroup to check for them follows:


Cheers, Download & Enjoy!

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