Some recent download problems

Some recent download problems

Post by Larry W. Virden ext. 24 » Tue, 16 Apr 1991 20:22:26

Two pgms I recently downloaded had some problems I wanted to ask around

The first was something called Primus and consisted of a series of
video card games such as bridge, etc.  When this one started up,
I got a blank screen.  When I clicked on the mouse once or twice
I then got a selection screen.

The other was a recently posted demo called II Megs .  I downloaded
the BINSCII version and then converted in locally.  When I ran
GSHK on it, I was told there was a bad CRC on it.  I told it to go
ahead and had a disk uncompressed - but there appears to only be
an empty directory on the disk.  I though that perhaps it was a self
booting disk, but when I tried to boot it I got a msg about a $DEAD
error occuring...
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1. FYI Recent dead //e's problem _was_ Zip Chip

Hi all,

Just to update on the problem I was having recently with a //e not booting
(gibberish on screen, no beep) - as was suggested by a couple of posters,
the Zip Chip in the machine was a dud. I got a R65c02p2 today and plonked
it in and the machine is running beautifully.

Thanks to all for suggestions on the cause, and on potential suppliers
(the chap selling 21 65c02-compatibles on ebay was my eventual source at

Thanks again



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