For Trade or sale: Apple CD SC - play CDs CD Roms on your ][!

For Trade or sale: Apple CD SC - play CDs CD Roms on your ][!

Post by Darren Johnson 26 yo 32 MP » Thu, 27 Feb 1997 04:00:00

You heard me right!  Apple CD SC!  Wooooow!!!
Sale or trade. Will work perfectly on GSOS w/o any tinkering.
That's true!
d a r r e n
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1. Apple's CD SC CD-ROM driver

Has anyone tried to use Apple's CD SC driver with other CD-ROM players?
If it will work, how should the CD-ROM player be set up?  

    Bus Arbitration [on/off]
    SCSI id (does this matter as long as it's not 0 or 7?)
    anything else?

In particular, I'm trying to use it with a Toshiba drive.  The mac seems
to talk to the drive long enough to tell it to lock the CD-ROM drawer,
but an icon for the drive never appears on the desktop.  Any ideas?

(by the way, I'm using a HFS formatted CD-ROM).

Norman Graham

Computing and Information Sciences         UUCP:  {cbosgd, ihnp4,
219 Mathematical Sciences Building                 rutgers}!okstate!norman
Stillwater, OK  74078-0599

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