Matt Deatherage message - more info (answers "why here?!")

Matt Deatherage message - more info (answers "why here?!")

Post by Eric Muell » Thu, 15 Dec 1994 16:25:22

Sorry folks, I blew it by assuming everyone knew who Matt was; if you
don't, that message probably seems very inappropriate. <g>

"Who is Matt Deatherage?"

Matt Deatherage is a former Apple Computer DTS engineer. He worked at
Apple Computer for six years and during that time had a direct and
important impact on many products, including Quickdraw GX and Laserwriter
8. During his time, his primary responsibility was Developer Technical
Support (as the DTS says); this included trading email with the developers
of practically every major (and many minor) Macintosh application. Matt
was on a first-name basis with hundreds of Macintosh programmers.

He also contributed much of his time back to the community, answering
technical questions here on the Internet and on many of the commercial
services. (He also served as a sysop on GEnie, in the Mac programming
area.) He wrote a bunch of technical articles for _develop_ and was
working on a book about fonts at the time of his arrest. I think Matt is
the only person in the world who truly understands Macintosh font
architecture from the top to the bottom, and knows ALL the little quirks.

"Why are you posting that info here?"

The information on him is posted in these newsgroups (seven of them, most
Macintosh or Apple II-related) because a vast, vast majority of his
hundreds of friends are Apple II and Macintosh developers.

I truly apologize if you have to read this message more than once. Please
find it in your heart to skip over it the second or third time you see it
instead of sending me flame in email. :)

"Why should I support a child molester/*/whatever?"

Read the first two info files on Matt and you'll get the background on the
situation. Grab them yourself from, in pub/dl/dland.

"And just who are you?!"

I'm Eric Mueller, a former Apple II and Macintosh developer who is best
known for HyperStudio (a multimedia program for education) and funny
haircuts way before funny haircuts were cool. <g> I am currently a GEnie
sysop. (Those in the Apple II community may also know me from Roger Wagner
Publishing, KansasFest, or A2-Central.)

I've known Matt for about five years and want him to have a good
Christmas. The file written above was with the support of Matt's sister
and many of Matt's friends at Apple Computer, GEnie and around the 'net.

The original "letter of support" for Matt Deatherage included over 25
signatures from Apple II, Mac and Internet personalities. Lots of folks
know Matt and support him.


Again, apologies for not making this very clear in the first message. And
if you can find it in your heart to send him a postcard, even if you don't
know him (just write on the back, "hey, I printed with Laserwriter 8
yesterday, thanks!" <g>). It will really make his holiday, which will be
rather bleak otherwise.

Thanks everyone.


Matt Deatherage message - more info (answers "why here?!")

Post by Dave Sawy » Fri, 16 Dec 1994 00:36:38

> Sorry folks, I blew it by assuming everyone knew who Matt was; if you
> don't, that message probably seems very inappropriate. <g>

> "Who is Matt Deatherage?"

> Matt Deatherage is a former Apple Computer DTS engineer.

[balance of explanation deleted]

OK, I accept that you feel that you had a legitimate reason for posting
the message you did. I didn't see this clarification in the list of
messages until after I had sent the previous post. Please ignore my flame
- I understand what you're about, even if I don't agree with the way you
presented your story.

I suggest that rather than posting the full story as you did, a quick
summary of the basic facts and reason for posting and then an address for
further information would have been better. This would no doubt have
headed off a lot of the flames (like mine) you'll probably receive.

Keep in mind that newsgroups get inundated by messages just such as yours
appeared to be that are completely inappropriate or are totally bogus, so
negative reactions to your first post are perhaps to be expected given the
way it appeared.

Dave Sawyer
Senior Systems Engineer
Education Access/Random Access, Inc.
Warning: Opinions contained herein may contain
undetected deviations from the facts


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Unfortunately, there's some other stuff in the Apple dictionary
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Fortunately, it turns out that Imagen has provided a way around
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Things are printing fine now, and less of the host/printer link
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