need modem help for apple II & III (please help!)

need modem help for apple II & III (please help!)

Post by Shawn E Thomps » Wed, 30 Jan 1991 22:59:18

Hello all,

This is my first venture into this newsgroup, so please forgive
any redundancies I incurr.

I am posting for TWO friends. I am an IBM user. My two friends
are Apple users (one has an Apple II , the other has an Apple III)

They both want to start using modems with their systems. They dont
yet have the S/W (thats is why I am posting for them);

1.  what modem S/W should they each use ???

2.  is there any PD modem S/W ???

3.  how can I get it for them without them having modem S/W ???

4.  could anyone be willing to mail me an apple modem S/W disk ??

5.  What is this "interpreter file" on an apple III. My one friend
    cant get it to boot up, because it can't find this file.

Thank you all for *ANYY* help you can give. Again, while I
am an IBM user, this is for my Apple-friends and they thank


Shawn E. Thompson " the immortal words of my dog Shepp 'Kick ass USA!'.."

CAD Engineering|Leica, Inc.|PO Box 123|Buffalo, NY 14240-0123|(716)891-3375


1. Need Serious HD Recovery Help PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP

  Okay, first the story, no there's too much, let me sum up.  My hard
drive was running a little slow (Focus, internal 300+meg).  I start
playing, accidentily hit either erase or format for the wrong partition
of my hard drive.  Poof 30megs of utilities up in digital dust.  
  I whiped out Deliverance and prayed.  After an hour and a half of
scanning the drive, just on the last block, blip, the program hung.  I
tried again this morning.  Again it hung on the last block.  Hmmmm, I
start inspecting this block and I find data that is not mine and never
was.  That is Microsoft Powerpoint, other PC programs and nick names for
people I've never heard of.  This leads one to believe that Alltech's drives
are refurbs that they never perform a low-level format on.  Urrrg.  Don't
even get me started what I think of Alltech in general and especially
right now.

  Problems:  How does one recover files that are there, but you have no
access to them?  Am I SOL?

    Also, should a hard drive slow down (even when just being scanned by
the computer as it's loading the drive onto the desk top) just because
theres more on it or would this be a framentation problem OR do I have a
deeper problem with it.

     I've wasted so much time in the last two days doing what little I
can.  I'm getting ready to chuck it all, do a low level format,
repartition and spend the next week loading everything off of disks and
reorganizing them on my drive again.  (Plan B, is a FOR SALE on the
           "Action, Adventure: A Jedi Craves Not These Things."    

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