Delivery error notice sent to list INFO-APP

Delivery error notice sent to list INFO-APP

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   We are attempting to resend this mail after some problem between
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Date: 4 Oct 91 06:31:04 GMT

Organization: University of California, Santa Cruz; Open Access Computing
Subject: Addresses for game companies

        I could swear I posted this already. But I went back and searched
and couldn't find it.

        These are addresses of game companies. Mail them about your displeasure
with the fact that they're not making GS games anymore. (But don't make the
letters incredibly rude). Talk about how there are over a million GSes out
there, etc.

        The numbers near the end of the lines are CompuServe addresses.
The format to mail them from Internet is

To: Three-Sixty Pacific 76711,240 (X)  ASK about Armor Alley GS!
Fm: Computer * World 76703,622
To: Interplay Productions 76702,1342 (X) Ask about IMMORTAL II GS
To: SSI 76711,250 (X)
To: John/Sierra On-Line Rep 76004,2143 (X)
To: Accolade 76004,2132 (X)
To: Strategic Studies Group 72040,34 (X)
To: Mike/Origin 76004,2612 (X)  ULTIMA VI GS??
To: Electronic Arts 76004,237 (X)
Fm: Strategy Plus (Magazine) 100016,2503
To: Matt Sentell 76317,2737 (X)
To: Interstel 76702,544 (X)
Fm: Omnitrend 70300,245
Fm: Activision\Infocom(W. Vo 76004,2122  ASK ABOUT WHY THEY AREN'T RE-RELEASING
                                        the "golden oldies" for the II.
To: Sir-Tech 76711,33 (X)
Fm: Spectrum HoloByte 76004,2144
To: Mindcraft 71511,367


\WANT to help get ULTIMA VI //e or GS written?-mail me. CHEAP CD info-mail me./