Practical Peripherals modem woes.

Practical Peripherals modem woes.

Post by Douglas M. Howel » Sun, 15 Mar 1992 23:08:37

    I have a Practical Peripherals Pm2400SA modem that I've
had now for several years without any problems.  On occation
it has run into the problem of not being able to display information
to the video monitor.  I can see from the light indicators on
the modem that the modem is recieving and typying 'atdt' returns
a nice dial tone.  This has happened atleast 5 times and each time
I've been able to eliminate one more possible cause.
    My initial thought was that the contacts on the super serial
card were dirty so I applied the o'l eraser and that worked.  How-
ever I believe that it was just coincidence.  So far I've checked
everything connecting to the modem : phone socket, extension phone
line, ssc card, connector cable, power supply, as well as reseating
the ssc card on numerous occations.  Now I think I've found where
the problem lies; the modem itself.
    You see the last time (about an hour ago) I tripped over the
extention cable leading to the modem.  I did all the usual checking
that I do and finally tried just lifting the modem up a couple
inches and dropping.  On the third drop I was once again able to
see characters on my screen.  So before I go sending the modem
back to P.P. does anyone have any suggestions of what could be
causing it, if the problem is something that warrents being
fixxed, and if possible whether the fixxing should be done
by me or P.P. ?   I talked to P.P. on several occations about
other problems and they have been quite helpful.
    When I first ran into the problem I consulted the local
apple repair shop as well as a friend in that line of work,
both stated it was my communications (ssc) card.  I doubt
that now.
    Anyhow thought I'd consult the network prior to spending
the $$ for a long distance call to Practical Peripherals.

Ps.  The modem and computer were off when I tripped over the
  phone line.  I did try wiggling the sockets that the phone
  line connects into the modem with no result.  Only dropping
  it had any positive results.

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Practical Peripherals modem woes.

Post by Kevin S Gre » Wed, 18 Mar 1992 10:51:37

[...much description of modem problems deleted...]

Could be a cracked logic board in the modem. An
intermitant connection when the two halves of a
broken circuit come in contact (such as when
jarred together by dropping the modem). Find a
trustyworthy computer repair shop and ask them
to test all the circuits.

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