NPSPATCH posted to comp.biniaries.apple2

NPSPATCH posted to comp.biniaries.apple2

Post by <gwri.. » Sun, 01 Mar 1998 04:00:00

I have posted a patch program to comp.binaries.apple2 which fixes a bug
in the New Print Shop utility that converts old Print Shop graphics,
borders and font to New Print Shop format. I posted about the bug last
summer. It causes the old Print Shop border files to be incorrectly
converted. The posting contains the patch program and documentation
which tells how to use it. The bug is also described, and instructions
are given for those who want to apply the patch by hand.


Gerry (the Applesoft-aholic)


1. is the comp.sys.apple2 FAQ posting on an apple2 archive somewhere?

For some reason this posting has not yet reached this site.  Since I
have provided some of the info, I would like to be able to keep an
eye on it so that when I find new info or updated info I can provide
updates to the maintainer.

is the FAQ being kept up to date on any of the apple2 archives?  I have
not seen it on any of the ones I have checked on yet...
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