Looking for "Serpentine", "Thief", "Cyborg", and "Oo-Topos"

Looking for "Serpentine", "Thief", "Cyborg", and "Oo-Topos"

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I am looking for .dsk or .do files with the games "Serpentine", "Thief",
"Cyborg", and "Oo-Topos". I was on the most excellent asimov site and they
seemed to be about the only games I could not find. "Serpentine" was a maze
where you chased snakes, "Thief" was a berzerk-type arcade game, and "Cyborg"
and "Oo-Topos" were text adventures by Mike Berlyn.

Thanks in advance!


1. Looking for a couple of ][ games: "Fix-It", "Alien Encounter"

Has anyone heard of those titles?  They are both strategy games.

Fix-It was reviewed in Omni (IIRC) in 1996.  The Web references I've seen
treat it as educational software, although I would call it a puzzle game.
You have to set up a series of pipes and things on the screen (in order to
guide a bolt to a certain place).  I think you set up a comfiguration and
then test it out... in that way, it's a bit like computer programming,
but in two dimensions.

Alien Encounter was published by BEZ.  (If my memory isn't flaking out on me,
they also made Double Trouble and a number of other titles that tended
toward the oddball.)  It's a series of puzzles, unrelated except for a
common plot -- you need to prove to visiting aliens that humans are
intelligent creates.  Naturally, all the directions to the puzzles are
written in alien. :)

The interesting thing about Alien Encounter is that Softdisk published one
of the puzzles as a demo (along with a bonus "Space Invaders from the
aliens' point of view" game in the same issue) and I may still have that
issue.  But I never saw the full version, except a picture of the box.

I'd appreciate any information on these.  I've been looking for them for a
long time!


-- Derek

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