printers, monitors, etc

printers, monitors, etc

Post by Tom Kel » Tue, 14 Mar 1995 06:36:02

 I have the following for they are as is.
 I have described what I know about them

 Citizen Model Premier 35                        10.00
 Leter Quality Printer (wide)
 Needs: ribbon, covers, knob
 Condition: Powers up with display "missing cover" "missing ribbon".
 Includes: "Printhead" and wheel

 Amstrad Model No. PCW 8256 Printer               5.00
 I believe it plugs into a word processor for power
 Includes: Printhead and ribbon
 Condition: Unknown

 Citoh ProWriter Jr.                             10.00
 Condition: Passes self test
 Includes: Printhead and ribbon

 Seikosha SP-1000AP (serial interface)           10.00
 Condition: Missing cover
 Includes: Printhead

 Leading Edge Model No. DR-1240                  20.00
 Monochrome (green) Monitor (12")
 Condition: Works, NO screenburn

 IBM Personal Computer Display Model 5151         5.00
 Condition: Unknown, NO screenburn

 Magnavox Computer Monitor 80                      FREE
 Models BM7650 Installation and Operation Guide

 HesModem1 is an external 300 baud modem for the Vic-20
 and the Commodore 64.  I am not sure if it will connect to
 the Commodore 128.  It comes complete with manual and software.
 I am asking $5.00 for it.
 Condition: Unknown

UUCP:     crash!pro-nsdapple!tomk


1. FS: Apple IIe, monitor, printer, model etc. etc.

Moving from NY to AZ and must sell my Apple IIe, green screen monitor
and Apple printer. Also have loads of original Apple literature, super
serial card etc. Some software and books. I'll even throw in a brand new
14.4k Motorola external modem.
All in excellent working condition. Make me an offer I cannot refuse.
Located near New York City.
Will deliver to Northern NJ or southern CT.

remove 's' from email address to reply. I wont see replies here.

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