WTB: Apple CD-150 external CD-ROM drive

WTB: Apple CD-150 external CD-ROM drive

Post by Paul Schult » Sat, 16 Nov 1996 04:00:00

I'm looking for an external Apple CD-150 CD-ROM drive in
good condition.

E-mail me if you have one to sell!


Paul Schultz


1. FS: AppleCD 150 and 300 external CD-ROM drives

I have an AppleCD 150 (single speed) and an AppleCD 300 (double speed)
external SCSI CD-ROM drive for sale.  These are the ideal, most
compatible, CD-ROM drives for the Apple IIGS and IIe.  If you're
interested, just make me an offer for them.  Thanks!

John E. Townsend
Sr. Software Engineer          "Machines should work;
LEXIS-NEXIS                     people should think."
Dayton, OH, USA                        -- IBM Pollyanna Principle

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