Powerbook 3400/200+box+zip+CD+floppy+Mot PC card

Powerbook 3400/200+box+zip+CD+floppy+Mot PC card

Post by Mark DANNA » Sat, 18 Dec 1999 04:00:00

Selling Powerbook 3400 /200/CD 12" TFT with 64 Mb RAM in box
with VST Bay removable Zip drive, Motorola Pro 28,8 Pro Data/fax PC
card, Bay removable Floppy drive.
Shipped Fedex for 1400 US$.
With Company invoice + copy original invoice.


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1. PB 3400/200 take-apart instructions

Some time ago I saw a PDF document of the Pismo that was released by Apple
Service Source (?). It was great as it explained every part of the Pismo and
how to take it apart.
Now I have to replace a few parts in my PB3400/200 and was searching for
a similar/ any document that would explain how to take my PB 3400 apart but
couldn't find it.

Any lead highly appreciated.


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