Coloring of folder icons in Finder 6.0

Coloring of folder icons in Finder 6.0

Post by Marc Si » Sat, 04 Apr 1992 04:23:38

> The yellow folders are nice But how do you get them to colour?  I can only ge
> yellow in the system folder.

> Grant Delaney

You probably have leftover Finder.Data files from System 5. Try deleting
them, and reopening the'll probably color most or all of the
folders yellow. You may not be totally pleased with the results for some
existing icons, but you can recolor those white. I've personally editied
(edited) my icon files so that the folders are colored yellow in an
intelligent I'm waiting for someone to tell me which resource
to edit so the default color is white B-).

btw, Finder.Data files created by System 6 can't be read by System 5...

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Coloring of folder icons in Finder 6.0

Post by David A Lyo » Sat, 04 Apr 1992 19:29:30


Quote:>Yeah, I like that...however, it also does it to _coloured_ folders, which is
>not the way it should be. Like if you have some desktop blue in the icon, it
>changes it to gray...dark blue becomes black...etc. It's kind of
> doesn't change all of them, either, and I can't seem to
>figure out the rules (to take advantage of them). [...]

The Finder is providing a default yellow color for all folders that don't
already have a color recorded (in the parent's Finder.Data file).

If this is creating ugly effects with custom folder icons, use an icon
editor to set the "Color" checkbox for each custom icon; this tells the
system not to re-color the icon, since it's already colored.
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Coloring of folder icons in Finder 6.0

Post by Brian T » Sun, 05 Apr 1992 10:52:31

>I tried HC Icon Editor Stack and HS Make Icon. With HS I am able
>to create rIcons in the stack and copy them to another file with
>Reslin. But Reslin will not let me change the ident to match the
>one I am replacing. Example: from 8001 0003456 to 8001 0000001.
>Do you know what can, other than Genesis? Or am I taking the long
>way around. I am speaking both of changing Finder rIcons and
>rIcons for CDEV's ect. How do you do it with HS or HC? Thanks.

    You have to delete the first icon before renumbering the new icon.  If
you are using the Icon Editor stack with HCGS, it lets you specify the ID
number of the icon you are creating (I assume this is how you are giving
the new icon an ID of $00000001).  The 'Make Icon' extra in HS 3.0 only
creates standard Finder Icon files (not rIcon resources).  Once you assign
a button in the stack an icon though, it is stored as a resource in that

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Coloring of folder icons in Finder 6.0

Post by Preston Pa » Sun, 05 Apr 1992 07:59:50

> I just can't *take* it anymore!!  My whole life is crumbling around me!!
> Everywhere I go, yellow folders here, yellow folders there, aiiiiiiiieeee!!
> Help!!  My folders have turned yellow and I can't get up!

Why don't you just make a new icon file with IconEd, drag the icon from the
Finder.Icons file on the old system disk into your new icon file window, save
it and drop it into your */icons folder.

I for one am glad for the change, since before I had to bother with changing
the icon to yellow which is the way I like them.
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