Sideways spreadsheets with a pkaso/u card

Sideways spreadsheets with a pkaso/u card

Post by Jeff Quigl » Wed, 06 Feb 1991 07:33:19

I have a PKASO/U printer interface card made by Interactive Structures, Inc
(who, I believe, are no longer with us). This card allows you to download
fonts and use them to print text. I seem to remember a program called
"difprint" or something like that that allowed you to print a spreadsheet
(in dif format) sideways using a font called sideways.font (of all things).
Does anybody know what I'm talking about? Does anybody have the program
and font, or something equivalent?

Jeff Quigley

3000 Waterview Parkway
Richardson, TX 75080                                        (214) 497-4439


1. ````FS````SIDEWAYS (for spreadsheets) DOS/PRODOS- II, II+, IIe,

SIDEWAYS (for spreadsheets)  DOS/PRODOS -Apple II, II+, IIe, IIc

Rotates spreadsheet 90 degrees to print any width.  You can print right
from your Appleworks spreadsheet file or any other spreadsheet program.
 Works with parallel and serial interfaces.

Includes software and manuals in hard cover folders.

US$ 25.00

Jim, Vancouver USA, Washington

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