mozilla 1.0 rc 1 crash bug

mozilla 1.0 rc 1 crash bug

Post by Hopeless Ca » Sat, 27 Apr 2002 08:21:10

The newest mozilla port(1.0 rc 1) crashes with jdk 1.3.1p_6. This is a
new build of the jdk. I had a previous build of jdk of the same version
and patch number on Mozilla 0.9.9 and it worked perfectly.

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1. java_vm memory leak with Mozilla RC 1.0

Has anyone encountered this? Even better, has anyone solved it?

If I open with Mozilla any website that has any java on it, then when I
close Mozilla, the java_vm process goes crazy and requires a manual kill.
This has been a problem with Moz 9.9 and RC1.0; and with the
jdk-1.3.1p6_2 and jdk-1.3.1p6_4.

Example websites that exhibit this behavior:

but any site that has an applet will do it.

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