where is the "native" in the jdk122 native port?

where is the "native" in the jdk122 native port?

Post by S?ren Neigaa » Sat, 29 Sep 2001 05:32:10

MK> For some weird legal reasons jdk1.1.8 could be distributed as binary.
MK> 1.2.2 is distributed as source code and you need a working jdk1.2 in order
MK> to build it. So first you have to install Linux jdk1.2 (which is
MK> distributed in binary form)
Ok - Thanks for clearing tis up for me :) Does this mean that I can
uninstall something after the complete install?

MK> Yes, you should definitely install Linux binary compatilibity. It is quite
MK> stable and in many cases faster than Linux itself. I regularly run Linux
MK> Netscape Communicator and Star Office using Linux compatilibity.
MK> Besides you won't need it to actually use jdk once you are finished with
MK> the build process.
Ok - How do I installe Linux binary compatilibity then?

Best regards
S?ren Neigaard

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1. "pre"announce: native Fortran compiler for Linux


When posting last week in response to a request for opinions about NAG
F90 for Linux, I alluded to a Fortran compiler for linux that should
be out real soon now.  I got permission from the company (Microway,
in Kingston Mass.) to talk about it.

Their compiler is a Fortran 77 compiler which emits native code
for the 386 and 486; they have a Pentium-specific optimizer/scheduler
which is running on their DOS versions, and should be ready for
Unix versions in a few months.  Extensions of the F77 standard
supported include MIL-STD, VMS, microsoft --- they also support

They already have versions running on SYSVR3 and SYSVR4.  I have a
version of their compiler running on one of our Linux systems.
It is a SYSVR3 executable which runs under Linux if the iBCS2
kernel module is installed.  I cannot at the moment generate
executable code, since the libraries are also SYSVR3 libs,
and due to a small technical difficulty I cannot get these
to link with the regular linux run-time libraries.

They are at the moment working on

1) getting the compiler itself to run under Linux in native mode
   (i.e. iBCS2 is not needed)
2) converting their libraries to Linux standard a.out format so
   one can make an executable

In the test cases I've compiled, the compiler itself seems fast
and produces reasonably helpful error messages.  I cannot comment
on execution speed yet, but the whole of chapter 2 of the manual
is devoted to in-depth discussion of the optimizations used and
suggestions on how to combine them for best result; if this is
any indication, it should generate pretty fast code.

When I get any concrete results, I will post comparisons to f2c

I have no connection to Microway other than giving them feedback
on what needed to be done to get the compiler running; I need
such a compiler (particularly the VMS STRUCTURE support) urgently in
connection with a project.  This announcement is (almost) purely public
service; if they get lots of calls from other Linuxers maybe they'll hurry
up ;-)


ps - the product name is Microway NDP Fortran.  The person at Microway
who knows the most about it is Nina Nitroy.

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