Proposal for -- [really about which then gets included]

Proposal for -- [really about which then gets included]

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The variables cover my needs in this area.  I think that actual
implementation will result in some proliferation though because it's
considerably easier two implement a variable with two states in a make
script than one with poly states.  :)

Also, in playing around with building a, I've already found
that defining variables like:

JAVA_CMD        # full path to selected java
JAVAC_CMD       # full path to selected javac
JAR_CMD         # full path to selected jar
JAVA_LIB        # full path of directory holding tools.jar or

become critically useful once you get to attempting an implementation.

Selection Order --

The runtime ordering makes great sense--theoretically.  Practically,
it's effect is the same as the current use of dependency on JDK 1.1.8.  
I believe it makes sense to implement the full rigor of this selection
process only after Sun and the Foundation have arrived at an agreement
that allows higher-order JDK's and JRE's to be built AND distributed by
FreeBSD.  Until that time, rules 3 and 4 should be skipped.

But, we're making progress!

Now, we need some competing implementations so the*details can be
worked out.


Quote:> All,

> Just updated the proposal containing the requirements for a
>, see:


> Any comments would be highly appreciated! John? Chris? Maxim? Kees
> Jan?

> Regards,

> Ernst

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