Umm... Java...

Umm... Java...

Post by Derek Youn » Wed, 18 Dec 2002 07:51:05

You know... I appreciate all the great work put
into porting jdks over to FreeBSD. I ususally
find myself using the latest release from sun
under linux emulation though...

A small suggestion might be this, perhaps the
fastest way to keep FreeBSD current with the
latest releases of Java might be for the linux
emulation to be worked on to the point to where
it can run the linux jdk's perfectly.

Complex java apps like IDEA crash the hell out
of jdk1.4_01 :)

But if the linux emulation was perfect, then
everytime sun released a new JDK we could use in
on FreeBSD :) Plus, considering what a complex
program a JDK is... it will point out lots of
bugs in Linux emulation.

One funny aspect is how using the linux jdk, it
properly(depending on who you ask) uses threads
with rfork, so you get multiple processes, that
is kind of cool.
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