java core dump on 5.0RC2

java core dump on 5.0RC2

Post by Andriy Podanen » Sat, 11 Jan 2003 00:08:54


has anyone try to start jboss3 from ports (cvsup today) on jdk13 from
ports to
on my system java core dump after 3 seconds running jboss3
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1. Can't execute java self-extractor or java(core dump or something)

On a newly installed Mandrake 8.2 box, and can't install the
self-extracting file to install java. I downloaded multiple *bin
files, and when I execute them, I get the disclaimer, but when I type
'yes' to accept the license agreement, I get kicked out of the shell.
If I log in as somedude, then su to root, then execute the file,  I
get kicked back to being logged in as somedude. Something may be
printed out to the screen before I get kicked out but I can't see it
because it happens too fast. I tried downloading an older *.tar.gz
version of java, and I was able to expand it all, but when I go to
execute java in the bin directory, I get kicked out of the shell too.I
have security up pretty high from the install, so maybe something is
not letting me execute unregistered executables or somethings. And
yes, I have checked the file and directory permissions.

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