DVArchive + jdk1.4.1

DVArchive + jdk1.4.1

Post by James Satterfiel » Sun, 09 Mar 2003 12:23:07

I'm hoping some of you have played with dvarchive in the past or may have a
use for it in the future.

It seems to work okayish with linux-sun-jdk141
With jdk-1.4.1p3, it almost works. It has a server component that launches
and binds two sockets. Port 80 and one other. When this server comes up, it
says that it cannot open the server socket because the address is already in
use. However, looking at netstat and sockstat, I see that it did open the
tcp4       0      0     *.*                    LISTEN
tcp4       0      0     *.*                    LISTEN

root     java       60398 17 tcp4    *:*
root     java       60398 19 tcp4      *:*

I don't know how to get any useful debug info for anyone to look at. I've
gotten this behavior in patchset2, pre3, and 3.


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