cvs commit: ports/java Makefile ports/java/forte Makefile distinfo

cvs commit: ports/java Makefile ports/java/forte Makefile distinfo

Post by Jeff Kres » Sun, 09 Sep 2001 05:58:24

I downloaded the 3rd patchset, and couldn't get it to apply cleanly.  I
applied all of the reject's by hand.  The funny thing is, when I did the
2nd patchset it applied cleanly.

Anyway now I get a jvm crash while trying to build it.  I tryed my
internal build first, and then the linux-jdk with no luck.

Is there anyway for me to tell if I have the correct src tarball?  I saw
some talk about updating the patches for the latest version of the src,
and I wasn't to sure which one I have.


> > Fine! Do you have any estimates as to when it will be available? I really
> > think that it should be done RSN, because in its current state JDK is hardly
> > an usable one. So far I encountered three serious problems with it:
> > 1. Unability to use JIT;
> > 2. Undefined references to fork1() in some of the shared files;
> > 3. Problem with uppercase letters.

> > I was also observing some rather weird problems with networking in Jedit,
> > but have not performed any investigation to make at least minimal problem
> > report.

> Probably the connect() problem which is also fixed in the repository.

> New patchset will be out this weekend.  I hope to send you some patches
> for the port at the same time.

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with "unsubscribe freebsd-java" in the body of the message

1. cvs commit: ports/java Makefile ports/java/forte Makefile distinfo (fwd)

Still no go. Apparently I misguided you in my last e-mail. The error
message in question ls:

/usr/local/jdk1.3.1/jre/../bin/java -Xdebug -Xnoagent -Xrunjdwp:transport=dt_socket,address=big_brother:1028,suspend=y -Djava.compiler=NONE "-Xbootclasspath:/usr/local/jdk1.3.1/jre/../lib/tools.jar:/usr/local/jdk1.3.1/jre/lib/rt.jar:/usr/local/jdk1.3.1/jre/lib/i18n.jar:/usr/local/jdk1.3.1/jre/lib/sunrsasign.jar:/usr/local/jdk1.3.1/jre/classes:" -classpath "/root/ffjuser30/system:/usr/local/share/java/forte4j/system:/usr/local/share/java/forte4j/beans/TimerBean.jar:/root/ffjuser30/sampledir:/tmp:/usr/local/share/java/forte4j/modules/ext/AbsoluteLayout.jar:/usr/local/share/java/forte4j/lib/ext/servlet.jar" Test
Can't load "", because /usr/local/jdk1.3.1/jre/../jre/../lib/i386/ Undefined symbol "fork1"
Could not create the Java virtual machine.

I donno where that `fork1' came from - the system in question is fairly
recent 5-CURRENT box, last updated on 17 August.

There are also another serious problem with it - it doesn't accept uppercase
letters, i.e. when I'm trying to type uppercase letter it gets lowercase
instead, which makes it pretty useless, as Java is case-sensitive. At the
same time Linux JDK doesn't have such problem, so it is unlikely that this
is a local misconfiguration.

Please let me know if you will have any ideas on how it could be fixed.

Thank you!


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