Which port behaves better?

Which port behaves better?

Post by cost » Thu, 06 Feb 2003 21:53:31


  I would like to know what port of the java
  (linux-sun/linux-ibm/jdk-13) behaves better. I`m reffering ofc,
  first to stability and then to performance.

  I know I might ask a very borring and general question but I didn`t
  found any relevant answers to it.

  I`m not interested in working in a GUI environment, the machine is
  running the lastest 4-STABLE (aka 4.7-p3) and will be running JBoss,
  tomcat or resin or something related.

  I would also like some advices about which java servers (in the
  ejbs/jsps/servlets arena) are working best and in which combination?

  Any light in the configurations switches in all ports will also be
  very helpful.

  Thanks a lot.

Toate Bune

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1. Which port behaves better?


What about the jikes alternative and the switches from the native
jdk13 (the NATIVE_BOOTSTRAP for example).

I`m looking for a more detailed answer.

Thanks again...

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