Post by Justen Stepk » Wed, 06 Feb 2002 01:46:17

Rod Gilchrist said:

> The jdk 1.3 port has to pass Sun's test suite before the binary can be
> released.

> I don't know who is actually doing the work, but I know their
> efforts are much appreciated.

> The last I saw on the topic was in the 6.5 release notes
> which said that they had hoped to include the jdk, but
> had not been able to make it.

> - Rod

>> Rod Gilchrist said:

>> >> Is there a way to get this port installed without having to install
>> >> all of the X package?

>> > Fun isn't it...

>> > The binary version is eagerly anticipated.

>> > I managed with XFree86-4-libraries and open-motif-devel
>> > (plus linux base and linux-jdk13 of course).

>> > I haven't been using it with X at all...

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>> When is the binary version to come out?

>> Justen Stepka

That sounds about a century away. I think that I'll stick with the linux-
jdk13 port until then :(.

Justen Stepka

with "unsubscribe freebsd-java" in the body of the message