mod_jk2 apache2 tomcat 4.1.12?

mod_jk2 apache2 tomcat 4.1.12?

Post by Palle Girgenso » Tue, 03 Dec 2002 09:45:38

Hi guys!

I want to get tomcat 4.1.12 going together with apache for static content
(on FreeBSD 4.7), and I just realized that tomcat 4.1.12 doesn't care about
the REMOTE_USER that mod_jk sends. This is with apache1.3.2x, mod_jk from
port and tomcat-4.1.12.

So, instead of debugging tomcat, I thought I'd try mod_jk2 & apache2... got
it compiled after some tweaking, and am about to configure, but thought I'd
check first to see if someone actually has this combo running, and whether
it is stable enough yet?


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