New java ports...

New java ports...

Post by Herve Quir » Sat, 18 Jan 2003 00:18:25

Hi all,

I wish you a happy new year. May it bring us FreeBSD-5.0-RELEASE and a
final release for Sun's JDK 1.3 (hotspot flavor) ;)

I will be using dom4j for the next project here at work. I was feeling
like porting it to the ports collections. Then I remembered the trove4j
(high performance collections) port I submited half-november 2002 is still
waiting for someone to accept (or reject) it. I know there is some policy
about new ports regarding 5.0-RELEASE, so my question is : should I wait
5.0 release before posting any new patch or is there a way to speed things
up (by sending ports directly to someone from freebsd-java for example ) ?

Trove4J port PR :



with "unsubscribe freebsd-java" in the body of the message


1. ports/42449: New port: jakarta-log4j, a logging library for java

For those interested.

I was waiting for some decision about the "unified" way of porting java
libs but I can change it later anyway. Log4j is a nice library to try the
porting proposal as it uses ant, is a standalone lib and is used by
several other libs.

Let me know what you think of it.



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