J2ME on PicoBSD

J2ME on PicoBSD

Post by Patrick Gardell » Sat, 01 Mar 2003 01:52:24


At this point, no, it has not.  I think this is the first time anyone has
suggested it!  It would be fun though!

> I have been working on a Java environment for Pico with Kaffe. It
> turned  out to be too big for a floppy, had to etherboot and then the
> system ran  out of swap space (Kernel~10M RAM~20M). Then tried using
> Wabba, but it  has its own set of classes that demand a particular
> import, so no good.  I was wondering if anyone knows if J2ME has
> already been ported to  FreeBSD, for the KVM seems to be quite small,
> either that or another JVM  I could work with.

> Txs

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1. J2ME on PicoBSD

Not to mention really useful for certain applications.  I'm not even
sure that the source is available though?


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