DP2 Java 1.3 makes core dump

DP2 Java 1.3 makes core dump

Post by William Hol » Wed, 11 Dec 2002 09:00:35


I have a problem with the new DP2 disk, and I'm not
sure how to troubleshoot it further.

I started with a fresh disk (to be sure it was repeatable)
and installed from CDROM DP2 (just issued a couple weeks

I picked the X Developer package.

Next I installed the Jetty port ( cd to
/usr/ports/java/jetty )
and type make - this caused (by dependency) the JDK1.3 to
and it did at patch level 7.  Everything seemed to go fine
amazing - downloading stuff from Sun's web site and all!)
and I
tested the JDK with a couple of simple programs -
everything looks

BUT, when I run the Jetty demo, I get a BUSS ERROR and a
core dump
(a file called java.core appears in the directory).  I
tried to write
a couple of simple programs to see if they would cause the
buss error,
like a two threaded "Hello World" but nothing did.  I'm not
if I can get source for Jetty to try and find exactly where
it dies -
(It's not at the contructor for the server, it's when I
actually try and
start it with a

Here is the code that crashes, although running the Jetty
demo will
the same buss error:

HttpServer server = new HttpServer();
    server.addListener(new InetAddrPort(8080));

Quote:} catch( IOException ioe ) { System.out.println( ioe );

HandlerContext context = server.addContext("/");
ServletHandlerContext servHand= new ServletHandlerContext(
server, "/"
servHand.setDynamicServletPathSpec( "/servlet/*");

server.addContext( null, servHand );

    server.start();  //blammo! this line crashes

Quote:} catch ( MultiException me ){ System.out.println( me );

I'd very much like to help if I could, but I'm not sure
where to go
or if this might already be fixed in -Current

Best Regards,


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