Native as a binary - I thought we had this sussed now.

Native as a binary - I thought we had this sussed now.

Post by Koster, K.J » Tue, 16 Apr 2002 22:38:17

Dear David,


> As per the subject, I thought there was an announcement
> roundabout new years'
> about Sun and the FreeBSD foundation finding some middle
> ground and managing
> to arrange a binary licence for a native JDK. Yet here I am
> on 4.5 watching
> the port building. Not wishing to be pissy, but what happened
> about this?

The port is being worked on. Do a search on the mailing list archives. Greg
Lewis posted a status report a bit back. Basically he asks us to do what
we're doing: wait. There is no proper way for us to help. Sun prohibits
anyone but Greg to work on this.


> Oh, and have there been any performance tests done of native 1.3.1 vs
> IBM1.3.1 on linux emulation (assuming 4.5-R)? I have some
> people wanting to
> stick their Java app on FreeBSD, with me admin'ing the whole
> thing and I'm
> trying to work out what I've let myself in for. Put it this
> way: They're software developers and they *admit* to it being
> CPU intensive...

If you just want to run a JDK it need not be native. Try the Linux JDKs or
the native port. Hotspot is not available at this time, but if you'll search
the mailing list for a status report by Bill Huey, you'll see that it's not
too far off either. I do all my development with linux-jdk1.3.1 and while
it's not burning * it is performing adequately. Any bad performance
problems we have stem from us writing bad SQL.

The various JITs seem to work with JDK 1.3.1p6. Please experiment which one
gives you the most performance increase for your particular application.
Each JIT has its strenghts and weaknesses. If you have any problems running
a JIT with 1.3.1p6 please post your findings on this list and I'm sure
people will jump in to help you out.

As they say on delayed airplanes: we thank you for your patience.

    Kees Jan

 You can't have everything.  Where would you put it?
                                     [Steven Wright]

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Thank you for your help -- switching from Windows to UNIX/Linux has been
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Neil (Sorry about the e-mail address - I'd rather look at Britney than ads,

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