linux-ibm-jdk14 & 5-RELEASE

linux-ibm-jdk14 & 5-RELEASE

Post by galme.. » Sat, 22 Feb 2003 23:41:40

does anyone had success running linux-ibm-jdk14 from ports on FreeBSD 5-RELEASE ?

I'm getting *** panic: JVMXE102: sigaltstack
Abort trap (core dumped)

ktrace shows:
 66736 java     CALL  #186(0xbfbff68c,0x8071248)
 66736 java     RET   #186 -1 errno -22 Unknown error: -22

just befor it aborts.
any idea how to fix it ?


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1. Slow Browsing with FreeBSD 5-RELEASE & Samba 2.2.8a

Dell Poweredge 500SC, 1.2g Celeron, all UDMA100 IDE 7200-rpm drives,
1gb ECC-SDRAM, 2 100mb NICs

FreeBSD 5.0-RELEASE, providing file/print/DNS/WINS/DHCP/Mail/HTTPD/FTP
functionality for a 5-user network, using Samba, BIND, Apache, ProFTP,
ISC DHCP, Postfix/Cyrus, and IPF.  IPF is configured to allow ANY on
the internal NIC.

Kernel: GENERIC, with options for IPF added only

Sysctl: tuned up with extra IP options, NMBClusters, etc...

Workstations:  all use the IP of the FreeBSD server as their default
gateway, and WINS/DNS entries also.

I compiled Samba 2.2.8a from the ports collection.  I have added the
usual socket opts to make it run faster:

I have 3 Windows boxes on the network with this server (Win98, Win2K,
WinXP).  All 3 boxes exhibit the same problem.  When I open Explorer,
then start opening folders inside my mapped drive (Z: maps to the
samba share I need), it takes FOREVER to open folders and display
their contents.  FOREVER = 15 seconds.

I can copy files really fast from the Samba shares to the local hard
drives on each workstation, about as fast as file copies between the 3
workstations themselves.

So, file copies work, but browsing is slllooooowwww.  Any ideas,

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