Does the java browser plugin need libintl?

Does the java browser plugin need libintl?

Post by Simon Walt » Fri, 15 Nov 2002 17:29:22

    I am building the browser plugin from jdk 1.3.1p7.
The first version I built failed to load because
of a missing dependency on libintl_dgettext. I made
the change to the link line below and resulting plugin
loaded ok (and seems to run ok also).

    Perhaps the problem is that I am using libnspr
from my build of mozilla, not one installed in


*** j2sdk1.3.1/ext/plugin/build/solaris/GNUmakefile.old Wed Nov 13
01:01:21 2002
--- j2sdk1.3.1/ext/plugin/build/solaris/GNUmakefile     Wed Nov 13
01:02:29 2002
*** 646,652 ****
         export LD_LIBRARY_PATH; LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$(X11_LIB); \


   clean clobber::
         /bin/rm -f -r $(TMP_DIR) $(OUTPUT_DIR)/plugin
--- 646,653 ----
         export LD_LIBRARY_PATH; LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$(X11_LIB); \

!       $(NAVIG5_OFILES) $(COMMON_OFILES_GNU) -L$(X11_LIB) -lXt \
!       -L$(INTL_LIB) -lintl

   clean clobber::
         /bin/rm -f -r $(TMP_DIR) $(OUTPUT_DIR)/plugin

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where do I find Creating a symbilic link to the same file
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