FreeBSD/Java ports: Request for help

FreeBSD/Java ports: Request for help

Post by Ernst de Ha » Tue, 15 Oct 2002 17:57:33


I find it very hard to keep up with the requests for updating Java-related
ports and improving Java support in the ports system. I find that a lot of
improvements take a long time to materialize. Take for example the
mod_webapp port, or the long-awaited directory location standardization, or
the highly-anticipated improved support for Ant (using USE_ANT or so).

I hereby request the freebsd-java community for help with the FreeBSD Ports.
Your support is needed!

I propose we organize the process of handling FreeBSD/Java ports suggestions
and improvements in an improved and more efficient way. Instead of
submitters submitting PRs and committers doing the analyzation and all the
work of testing and committing, the freebsd-java community takes
responsibility for testing and improving PRs.

When the freebsd-java community is confident that something (like the Ant
support) should go into a certain direction, then in most of the cases, I
will just follow this and do the necessary work to actually commit the
suggested changes to the ports system. So if you want to help, then review
some Java-related PRs and submit your comments, approval, etc. If you want
something to happen, then make sure you get other freebsd-java people to
review and test your PR's.

Starting point:

During the past few days I've been adding PR's for things that I had in mind
for a while already but had not put in the PR database. We need one single
point of information to make sure that we stay in sync.

I believe that we can make Java support really take off on FreeBSD if we
join forces!


Ernst de Haan
Development Team Leader
Wanadoo Nederland B.V.

    "Come to me all who are weary and burdened
        and I will give you rest" -- Jesus Christ

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1. Java with HotSpot on FreeBSD (Was: Re: A Call to Action for freebsd-java)

 > > I explained to him further that FreeBSD was going to have some
 > > challenges moving to 1.4 because of the disappearance of 'classic' mode in
 > > 1.4 and that we could really use some direct contact with Sun Engineers to
 > > help with HotSpot.
 > No need to worry any more. The buzz is starting to spread around that
 > HotSpot is working under FreeBSD now. ;)

I seem to recall reading that this will only work with 5.x, and
that there were no plans for making it work 4.x.  Is this (still?)

Is this going to be available in the next patchset?  If so, do you
have any idea when the next patchset will be available?



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