chflags not change flags at symlink

chflags not change flags at symlink

Post by Andrew A. Oz » Mon, 01 Jul 2002 05:42:50

Hello All! After unsuccessful "make world" at FreeBSD 4.4  I have
in/usr/obj a some not-deleteted symbolic link ." rm: Operation not
permitted ...etc"
 The strangest, that chflags does not change anything so:
 #bwa-gw  ls
 make_ext make_ext.b
 #bwa-gw chflags noschg make_ext
 #bwa-gw ls-lo
total 5 lrwxr-xr-x 1 root wheel sappnd 78 Jun 27 17:26 make_ext -
Quote:>/usr/src/gnu/usr .bin/perl/suidperl/.../../../contrib/perl5/ext/util/make_ext-rw-------1

root wheel - 4005 Jun 28 23:30 make_ext.b
#bwa-gw whoami root
 Flags -R -L chglags changed, securelevel too-1/0; sappnd does not
change in any way .nosappnd also not change .  Question does not help
- as it is treated?

Best regards       Andrew A. Ozol  sysadmin


1. "Symlink component flag not implemented": problem with long symlinks?


ther other day I got the following kernel error messages, a couplt of times:

"Symlink component flag not implemented"

Something followed by a number. Looking through the kernel souce code I found
that this message is generated by the rockridge part of the iso9660. Which
makes sense because I was reading a CD-ROM. I suspect the error is cause by
a buffer overflow of some kind because when I tried to reproduce the error
it displayed less errors than before! Eventually the number of errors was
reduced to 1.

I got this error with: kernel 2.2.8 using while reading the Solaris 2.5.1
installation CD-ROM (Sparc version). For instance try to do an ls on:


And see what happens. In my case the first symlink should probably end in
"pipelines/", but it was displayed as "pipelinki". So it seems there's some
kind of buffer overflow (?).

Is this a know problem? (couldn't find anything on dejanews though).



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