make release problem..

make release problem..

Post by Par » Thu, 30 Aug 2001 04:53:04

Hi all,

  I try to do make release in order to customized my own installation
for the office. I did make world first, then turned on NODOC and
NOPORT, and issue "make release".  The problem I ran into is that the
system always reboot after script as the log that I piped down
below. Why? What do I need to do in this case?  I saw the error from
compressing doc files, but I don't think it's a problem, since I did
"nodoc" anyway. Anyone has run into this problem before?

BTW, where can I get information of process of how to make release? Or
make file in /usr/src/release is the only source?

gzip -9c /usr/src/release/../COPYRIGHT >
test -f /usr/src/release/install.cfg && cp
Making the regular boot floppy.
Compressing doc files...
*** Error code 1 (ignored)
sh -e /usr/src/release/scripts/ -s mfsroot /R/stage /mnt  2880
/R/stage/mfsfd 8000 minimum2



1. Making DIP release tty line...


  This question was asked some time ago but there was no answer.

  I'd like to know if someone has found a solution to the problem
 in the subject: when DIP is started from a user login on my modem
 line ( by loggin in as user slip ), after he leaves the line is
 released but getty is not started again allowing other users to

  Ive tried to build a shell program that pings the slip client
 and kills it if there is no answer but failed miserably :-)

  One of the reasons was that dip 3.3.7 has the file but
 when you kill dip, the login still gets left behind and getty
 doesnt come up. On the other hand dip 3.2.0 when killed allows
 getty to come up but you dont get an easy way o find its pid.

  Anyone solved the problem ? Any ideas ? I do know about dip -k
 but that has to be done manually; or you need to know if there
 is no one on the line.

  C U!


   Mario Valente

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