Need to verify tcp advertised window size

Need to verify tcp advertised window size

Post by Pa » Wed, 02 Jul 2003 10:40:46

Hi everyone,

I'm doing some tcp-over-satellite benchmarking and I was wondering
where could I get a similar output to the solaris version of "netstat
-f inet".

Under solaris, "netstat -f " displays the current advertised windows
for established connections:

pc103 (4) -> netstat -f inet

   Local Address        Remote Address    Swind Send-Q Rwind Recv-Q
-------------------- -------------------- ----- ------ ----- ------
localhost.32783      localhost.32772      73620      0 73620      0
localhost.32772      localhost.32783      73620      0 73620      0
localhost.32786      localhost.32781      73620      0 73620      0
localhost.32781      localhost.32786      73620      0 73620      0
localhost.32789      localhost.32788      36810      0 73620      0
localhost.32788      localhost.32789      73620      0 73620      0
localhost.32792      localhost.32781      73620      0 73620      0
localhost.32781      localhost.32792      73620      0 73620      0
localhost.32795      localhost.32794      36810      0 73620      0
localhost.32794      localhost.32795      73620      0 73620      0

pc103 (5) -> uname -a
SunOS pc103 5.8 Generic_108529-09 i86pc i386 i86pc

However, "netstat -f inet" under FreeBSD 4.7 doesn't display this
useful information.

Is this info retreivable under 4.7? if so, how would I do that?




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Hi folks, I'm doing a test here to better understand TCP/IP and its
implementation on Linux.
I finished to read the Stevens book Vol1.

What I'm trying to do is to create a server, and then connect to it to
send 10 packages of 1024 bytes each. What's the problem??

When they exchange the SYN flags its all ok, and the advertised window
from server is 5792 and the client's window is 5840. At this point,

But when the first packet of 1024 bytes is sent, both the client and
server advertise a 46-bytes window.

And then, as the packets get ACKed, it grows from the client side, the
window grows by 1 segment at time, I thought it should be the
congestion avoidance, right?

But why 46 bytes window size??

The client never changes its window size, its 46 bytes for the entire
connection, as it has no receiving data, it should state at this

The tcpdump of this connection is in:


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