SpeedTouch ADSL

SpeedTouch ADSL

Post by Rick40 » Sat, 29 Sep 2001 02:46:21

I have tried everything I could find concerning connecting to the net
via the Alcatel Speedtouch USB modem and FreeBSD 4.4. Mabye someone
can shed some light on my problem. Here is what I have accomplished:

1) I have the USB modem recognized by the kernal at start up
2) I downloaded the latest version of the
speedtouch-BSD-06062001.tar.gz and ran make, make install , and it
installed modem_run and pppoa2 into /usr/local/bin
3) I setup the /etc/ppp/ppp.conf with the sample configuration
included in the distribution. Here is my ppp.conf file:

  ident user-ppp VERSION ( buils COMPILATIONDATE )
  set log Phase Chat IPCP CCP tun command


  set authkey  mypassword
  set device !"/usr/local/bin/pppoa2 -vpi 8 -vci 35 -v 1"
  accept chap
  set speed sync
  set timeout 0
  enable lqr
  set lqrperiod 5
  set redial 15 10000
  set dial ""
  set ifaddr
  add default HISADDR
  enable dns

4) I can successfully run modem_run and install the driver OK
5) When I execute pppd -ddial asdl, I get errors telling me:

Unknown protocol 0x7070 ( unrecognized protocol )
Connection reset by peer
Connect time: 0 secs: 40 octets inm 48 octets out

Any help? Thanks.


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Having set up my speedtouch adsl modem with instruction and drivers
from benoit papillault, everything works fine in that after I boot up
I run
modem_run -f <modemmicrocode>
followed by
pppd call adsl

and I connect perfectly.

The problem is that if I terminate the connection I cannot reconnect.
Subsequent calls to pppd call adsl result in pppd producing messages
about using /dev/ptsx (where is 1 then 2, 3 etc) and sending LCP echo
requests and getting no responses.

Benoit's instructions refer to a reconnect problem that should be
fixed by applying a patch to the file n_hdlc.c. This patch is in place
already for my system as it is running kernel 2.4.20 but it doesn't
help me.

Is anyone else experiencing similar problems? Any help greatly


PS I did try rmmod usb_uhci/insmod usb_uhci before trying to reconnect
to see if it would reset things but to no avail.

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