FreeBSD 4.3-Rlease Running on a Alteon 708 (Nortel Hybrid) switch.

FreeBSD 4.3-Rlease Running on a Alteon 708 (Nortel Hybrid) switch.

Post by Rory Sava » Wed, 12 Sep 2001 06:06:15

I am currently running RH 7.1 Linux, and FreeBSD servers on two
seperate vlans.
Until I started migrating most of our servers to FreeBSD the network
preforming fine, until I noticed that I was not getting the desired
transfer speed from our FreeBSD machines across the vlans.  This is
what seems to happen,
all FreeBSD machines seem to max out with a maximum trasfer rate of
about 10k/s
when sending to any other server in vlan1 or vlan2.  However if I send
from a FreeBSD server to the outside world, which passes though a
firewall and get NAT'd, I get normal transfer speeds.  Also, when I
send data via a routeable
network address to an IP in vlan1 or vlan2, I get very decent transfer
And what's more surprising, when I transfer files from Linux to
FreeBSD, I get
full transfer speeds, but not vise versa.  I've searched the
newsgroups, and
asked around and nobody knows.  What I have done is to disable inet6,
and bpf, but alas, no luck there.  What surprises me is that the Linux
server run just fine, on vlan1 and vlan2.
I've also swap'd the ports from my Linux server to what my FreeBSD
servers are plugged into, and still no luck.  I've played with sysctl
-w kern.inet."xxxx" till I'm blue in the face, and still no luck.
What am I missing?
If you have any information, or can point me in the proper direction,
please let me know, your input is appreciated.  Thanks,

-Rory Savage



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