Question reguarding access_log file.......

Question reguarding access_log file.......

Post by MPCM » Thu, 13 Sep 2001 11:03:16

I'll assume apache.

What are the permissions on your file and who is the webserver running
(ls -l access_log)

if it is root, then ownership shouldn't matter as root has access to

Matt Morley (MPCM)

> hope someone can help me!!!!! I pulled a rookie move ( seeing as I am a
> rookie I hope you will bear with me!).
> I was FTP'd into my server and noticed that my access_log was rather huge so
> I moved a copy over to my local system and cut everything out and pasted it
> into a text file for safe keeping and then saved the old file that was now
> empty and FTP'd it back up and overwrote the old one....
> PROBLEM, I wasn't root so now the ownership isnt right and the file doesnt
> update....
> so i went in with secureCRT and did an su + password and made a new
> access_log and it still isnt working? what must I do?
> any help would be apprieciated.