cloning a system

cloning a system

Post by Lowell Gilber » Fri, 21 Sep 2001 05:20:27

If possible, use comp.unix.bsd.freebsd (or better yet, the official
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> Hi, is there a method or piece of software that will allow me to clone a
> freebsd system?

Several; the best is probably backup and restore, along with setting
the bootable partition appropriately.

This is particularly easy if you can mount the new disk in your system
along with the old ones.


1. Cloning LSM disks and using the clones on 5.1A

I have an LSM stripe of 4 disks.
I cloned the disks and am using the clones on a different server.
When I run "voldisk define /dev/disk/...." I see the the status of the
cloned disks is "online aliased".

This means I cannot use the disks and "import" the disk-group as I did
before 5.1A.
Did anyone manage to do that on 5.1A ?

Thank you

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