NetGear FA411 network card on freebsd 4.4

NetGear FA411 network card on freebsd 4.4

Post by glytchbinar » Fri, 28 Dec 2001 16:35:09

can anyone give or link to detailed instructions on getting this card to
work with freebsd?

PLEASE send replies as email


NetGear FA411 network card on freebsd 4.4

Post by Joh » Sun, 30 Dec 2001 00:25:47

I have this card. When I installed 4.4 from the boot floppies, I had
the card inserted and it was detected automatically. There was also a
prompt at some point asking whether I wanted to use DHCP and I said
"yes". The card was automatically configured, and I installed FreeBSD
over ftp with it. This was so much easier than Linux, I can't tell
you. My Mandrake 8.1 distro never detected the card during install,
and I had to do some hacking to get it to work, but it eventually did,
of course *after* I manually edited dhclient-scripts so that
resolv.conf wasn't written over every single time I inserted the
card(!). Using this card with FreeBSD is a breeze compared to that.

That said, if you've already got FreeBSD installed, you can try
running /stand/sysinstall, select Configure, then Startup. Make sure
the three pccard choices are selected (you will probably have to
select an unused irq -- I used irq 3, then reboot with the card in. It
should work now. Take a look at /etc/rc.conf, here is what mine looks
like (you should have these lines after you use /stand/sysinstall as I

pccard_flags=" -i 3"

That last "3" is the irq, make sure it isn't used by something else (3
and 10 are probably OK).

If you're already set up for general networking, this should be all
you need.

Good luck!

"The box said 'Windows 95 or better required' so I installed FreeBSD"

> can anyone give or link to detailed instructions on getting this card to
> work with freebsd?

> PLEASE send replies as email


1. Tips on Using Netgear FA411 PCMCIA Network Card with Slackware

I recently purchased a Netgear FA411 16-bit PCMCIA network card for use in
an "old" Dell laptop that is running Slackware 8.0 (2.2.19 kernel.) I don't
have a CD-ROM drive for the laptop, and I was needing network access during
my initial install to ftp the bigger packages.

There is a SIMPLE way to configure this NIC for use with this version/distro
of Linux. Other versions/distros might (doubtfully) be different, but
perform the following steps and the NIC should work out of the box:

1. Edit /etc/pcmcia/config and add the following information (I added it
after the 'card "NEC PC-9801N-J12 Ethernet"' stanza):

card "NetGear FA411 Fast Ethernet"
  version "NETGEAR", "FA411"
  bind "pcnet_cs"

2. reboot.

Hope this info assists someone in the future!

Joe A. Burnett
Permian Basin Linux Users Group

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